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Due North LLC provides counseling/ mental health support to Colorado Springs. I am available evenings & weekends. Please call ahead for appointments.
Sandra Parcher is the owner/founder for Due North LLC, offering counseling and business coaching services located on the north side of Colorado Springs. As a lesbian veteran, Sandra wishes to offer compassionate and non-judgmental assistance to people who desire to grow and live a full and balanced life no matter your vocation. Sandra will help identify the root causes of problems and seek to assist with resolution in those areas. Having learned many life lessons the hard way, Sandra has found that exploring your life journey and equipping you with a myriad of life-skills and tools helps people to achieve internal balance, new-found success, and self-discovery. Sandra offers a safe space that is non-judgmental, supportive, and compassionate when approaching the issues you face.
It is imperative to Sandra that you feel supported as a whole and unique person to benefit from the therapeutic experience. This is especially true for those confronted with the double stigma of mental health issues and marginalized status such as, gender, intersex, LGBT+ and other identity issues. Sandra works with a variety of individuals from a variety of areas including military. I can also assist with counseling, resources and letters of support from treatment involving Gender Dysphoria and transgender situations. 

Please call for a free 30 minute co-interview to see if Sandra can be helpful.
I offer sliding scale rates and unique pricing packages that will be discussed in session. I cannot take insurance at this time which can be beneficial as it allows me to keep your treatment off the record and allows me to flex pricing as needed.

For the best Therapist in {City}, CO call Due North LLC today! As your local premier therapist, we have specialize in LGBT Counselor, Sexual Therapy, and PTSD.

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